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Pollie Awards

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Winning Races

Landslide has distinguished itself by taking on tough races and winning! In the last decade, we helped win over 400 races — over 65% of which were open seats or races against incumbents. Significantly outspent? Starting behind in the polls? It doesn’t matter to us. We pride ourselves on expecting every one of our candidates to win and working tirelessly to find a way to get it done.  Send a message to our team and we will be in touch quickly.

Landslide Recent Highlights

Helping to take two municipal seats in Pennsylvania to give Democrats their first board majority since the municipality was founded in 1692.

Helping to hold an open mayoral seat in New Jersey and flipping a council seat to give Democrats a majority in a heavily Republican area.​

Helping to beat a Republican in a state legislative race in Missouri in a district where George Bush won 71% of the vote.

Helping to defeat a heavy spending Florida House incumbent in a competitive swing district and holding that seat two years later.

Helping a Democrat get elected Mayor in Republican Panama City.

Helping to defeat a 25 year incumbent in a State Senate race in Baltimore.

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